7 Deadly Shopping Sins to Avoid

There are plenty of pitfalls associated with shopping, but some blunders are so bad they reach biblical proportions. Okay, maybe that’s a little intense, but what better time than October to relate bad shopping habits to the seven deadly sins?

As it turns out, connecting sinful behaviour with shopping pitfalls was very easy, highlighting just how deadly (to your budget, anyway) the following feelings can be.

1. Wrath

Practically speaking, you should only shop when you need something. Yet, some of us shop to blow off steam after a particularly frustrating day or emotional conversation. Whatever the problem, it cannot be cured by “retail therapy” since spending money needlessly will only create new headaches. If you find yourself shopping in this state, put the items back and give it time — you’ll likely find a cheaper and more effective solution once you calm down.

2. Greed

Using coupons to save money used to be innocent enough, but extreme couponers have given the practice a bad name. Shelf clearing by these individuals has led to tightened coupon policies and represents a level of shopping greed that’s completely unnecessary in the pursuit of savings. Instead, take what you need and leave some savings for the rest of us.

3. Sloth

Sometimes you have to do a little work to land a good deal. Comparison shopping, searching for discounts and talking to customer service are just some examples of how savvy shoppers score savings. Avoiding these activities out of laziness is a waste of your hard-earned money, especially when tools like Pricegrabber.commake it easy to find what you want for less.

4. Pride

We all know people who don’t like shopping at thrift shops or asking for discounts because it makes them appear cheap. Pride is definitely a budget killer, especially when saving money can be as easy as flashing your smartphone. I use the Coupon Sherpa mobile app frequently to save on everything from fashion to dining out and I feel no shame!

5. Lust

Lusting after products and lifestyles can get you into big spending trouble. Instead of feeling bitter about what you can’t afford, focus on less-costly alternatives. For example, you can bid on luxury goods through eBay, pick up great finds at consignment stores and even find designer duds at discount retailers.

6. Gluttony

Collecting shoes, fashion, electronic gadgets or tabs from pricey restaurants will quickly overindulge your bank account. Psychology experts agree that purchasing experiences results in greater happiness than buying products. Since you are never too broke to travel, start researching vacation spots instead of fall boot trends.

7. Envy

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s heels, house, or handbag! When your best friend gets a new car or your sister upgrades her purse to Louis Vuitton, it’s hard not to feel envious. However, going into debt for the sake of “keeping up with the Joneses” is a poor man’s move. In fact, it’s possible your high-rolling friends are funding their lifestyles on credit, something you know not to do.

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