8 Terrible Ways to Make Extra Money

In continuation of yesterday’s post about great ways to make extra money, here are some absolutely terrible ways to make extra money:

1. Write an eBook

Ok, it’s hard enough to actually write a book, but now you expect to just toss it into the internet and people will exclaim “This is a totally legitimate piece of literature, definitely worth my hard-earned cash”? Really? Listen, if you want to write a book, write a book, but let’s be honest, you’d have a better chance of getting a publishing deal than having your book become a success on its own via the web.

2. Blogging

My number one pet peeve is when personal finance bloggers talk about how much money they make by blogging. Yes, I know most of these bloggers write about their net worth and blah, blah, blah but come on! What if I didn’t want to have a blog? Is there really no other way to make money from home?

Plus, making money off of your blog is really hard. You need to publish several posts a week, market your blog, network, etc… I’m sorry, but I would never suggest starting a blog just to make money. Start one because you love to write, any money that comes in, consider it a bonus.

3. Sell Bottled Water

I’m going to make this simple. Do you really want to be one of these people? When I was in Vegas this past summer, these people were everywhere preying on all the poor drunk and dehydrated tourists, selling one bottle of water you know they bought in bulk for basically nothing from Costco for $5. Shame on you bottled water sellers, shame on you!

4. Drive People to the Airport

This just sounds awful. First of all, if it’s already a hassle having to drive friends and relatives to and from the airport, why would you want to do this anymore than you have to? Plus, what kind of person would hire you to drive them to the airport when they could take a cab? You might as well just put a sign on your car that reads, “Are you a potential murderer? Hop right in!”

5. Paper Route

Early mornings? Hate them. Need to walk outside in all weather conditions? No, thank you. Get paid absolute sh** for all your hard work (like $10 a day sh**)? I made more with my lemonade stand when I was 8 than those paperboys, so that’s a big ol’ HELL NO!

And to wrap things up, here are a few additional terrible ways to make extra money that I’ve come up with:

6. Dog Walker

Just think of all the crap, honestly.

7. Pizza Sign Holder

It doesn’t matter if you’re plugged into your iPod, I can still hear you crying on the inside.

8. Stripper

Sure, the hours might work great with your day job, but you’ll never get the smell out.

If you’ve got any suggestions for good or bad ways to make extra money, I’d love to hear them.

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