Cheap and Healthy Fast-Food Alternatives

Come Friday or Saturday night, I’m usually in need of a quick meal before going out with friends or catching a movie. Usually, I just want to order some Dominos or grab some Wendy’s, but after watching multiple seasons of Bulging Brides and The Biggest Loser, I’ve become a bit more selective with my fast-food choices.

So, I’ve come up with a few cheap and healthy fast-food alternatives I thought I’d share with you that won’t make you break the bank or the chair you’re sitting on.


I fell in love with pho about a year ago. There was this little restaurant right near my place that looked like an aquarium from the outside. Decor aside the pho was to die for and a huge bowl of meaty noodle soup was only $5.99. I’ve been to quite a few other places since then and the prices for pho are pretty much the same across the board.


I’m really bad for going overboard when I order sushi. I’m always convinced that I won’t be full enough with just two rolls, so I order some gyoza and tempura, and then I’m left with a bunch of sushi I can’t finish that won’t keep very well over night. My suggestion is to get two rolls and a miso soup to fill you up. Depending on what rolls you order, this quick meal should cost you no more than $10.


I always wondered who the hell goes to all of those Jugo Juice places tucked into the skytrain stops and mall food courts until one day when I was shopping on a weeknight and realized I hadn’t had dinner yet. I really wanted to avoid getting some greasy Chinese food (though I love the chow mein), so I thought I would try something different and get a shake. Although at first, I thought paying $8 for a shake was a total scam, it did fill me up and it gave me 5 servings of fruits too.


Steamrollers serves up some pretty delicious and healthy wraps. None of their vegetables or meat are ever frozen and they steam cook everything instead of using fatty oils. If you go anywhere else for a wrap, just make sure to skip any creamy dressings, sour cream or guacamole.

What kind of healthy fast foods do you eat?

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