Do You Have to Be Rich to Have Clear Skin?

Sometimes it seems that way. I think the last time I had perfectly clear skin, well, it was before puberty. I’ve never had terrible skin, but I’ve always, ALWAYS, been battling one or two pimples for probably the past 10 years.

I seriously feel like I’ve tried everything to clear up my skin, but so far, the only thing that’s really worked has been topical medications I get prescribed from my doctor, and even then, they don’t work perfectly.

This skin thing’s been really on my mind lately as my wedding’s now less than a year away, and I really don’t want to get married with a big pimple on my chin, or forehead, or both. Any who, right now, after taking about 6 months off my skin medication (I don’t know why I stopped taking it besides I ran out and was too lazy to get more), I’m starting to take it again, but I’m really curious to see what else is out there that I haven’t tried yet.

So, in the spirit of trying new things to cure my skin, I recently went and got my first facial. As a spa treatment, I really enjoyed it. As for what it did for my skin, well, I heard it was supposed to make you break out right after (it did), then it would start to get better (still waiting for that to happen).

Now, this was actually a Christmas present from my BF, but even if I did pay for it myself, at $100 a pop, how could anyone afford to do this on a regular basis? Plus, after the facial I was shown the products they sell, and a tiny bottle of moisturizer was $40! Assuming I’d need to replace it every two months, that’s $240 just for facial moisturizer! I guess I’m going to keep to either The Body Shop or the stuff at the drug store.

Another thing I’ve been considering is trying Proactiv. Maybe it’s all those gosh darn commercials with Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry saying how much it’s cleared up their skin, but I’m kind of interested in trying it out and I don’t know why. Then I looked at how much it cost.

A 30-day supply costs $24.99, so that’s $299.88 per year not including shipping and tax. And what if it really does work? I don’t want to have to pay $300 every year on skin products! I don’t buy a bus pass because I’m too frugal, so there’s no way I’m spending a couple hundred bucks on f***ing face cream.

There are however a couple things I learned from my facial experience that I will definitely try to incorporate into my current face treatment regime, and they are steps I’m kind of embarrassed to say I didn’t know beforehand. In order to maintain healthy skin, you’ve got to clean, tone, exfoliate, treat, and moisturize it. I don’t do the last three at all, so I’m going to start with that with some less expensive products and see how it goes.

How do you take care of your skin while staying on budget?

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