Financial Freedom and Wealth – That’s What I Want

Financial freedom and wealth are my goals. Pretty plain and simple. With my birthday coming up I have been asked over and over “What do you want?”


“What do I want?”

Financial Freedom – No One Can Give Me That

I have to laugh when someone asks an adult what they want for their birthday. At this point in my life is there really something that someone can give me that I probably can’t give myself?

If I wanted it, I would already have it.  But if you ask me what I want, you really can’t give me what I want.

Do they sell those at the store? Really it’s up to me at this point to put myself in a position to really have what I want in life. I am not there but I have been working very diligently on becoming financially independent.

Financial Freedom or Stuff

Getting new things just doesn’t excite me anymore in life. A new phone is still a phone, a few minor new features just don’t wow me. A new golf club driver is great, but an extra 2 to 3 yards probably isn’t worth the expense just to have something new.

Having giant bank and investment accounts…now that gets me excited. Knowing I have the ability to do what I want when I want just feels like the best-case scenario in life. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do anything, I just want to plan my own schedule all day long and do what I’d like to accomplish instead of always making someone else or some company rich off of my work.

Please Buy Me Boring Stuff

Really I am the most boring person in the world when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. One year I asked my parents for groceries. Honestly, if you ask me what I want I will tell you… groceries.

I asked for bag clips one year. No one ever lets me live that down. Every time I’m at the store and we pass bag clips there is always a jab “oh…these are nice…maybe we can save up and get these for your birthday.”

Let Me Invest My Money

The main reason I ask for boring stuff is that I don’t want to spend my own money to buy those things. If you buy me the boring and mundane stuff then I can actually use my money on what I really want. And I’ve already listed above what I want.

I want financial freedom.

I need to use my money to get me there.

Don’t Ask If You Don’t Want to Get It

Boring and mundane were really hard for my wife’s family to grasp at first. When they asked me what I wanted I listed a few things that could be picked up at Costco during a stop at the store. They just laughed at what I said to them.

When my birthday arrived I received absolutely nothing that I told them to get. I was actually a little upset because why would you ask someone what they want and then not get them the stuff? I basically lobbed them a softball for my b-day and apparently, they thought they knew better. I wasn’t upset in front of them, but told my wife after that I was pretty upset. (I know, I know, should adults really be upset or even get presents.)

Best Present Ever

One year my cousin and his wife brought me a giant box that weighed about 50 pounds. We lived in the same apartment complex downtown and when I opened the present I nearly cried. They brought me around two dozen different types of root beer. I love root beer, don’t know why, but I always have. It was so awesome and creative that I will never forget it.

Wait You Are Really Easy to Buy For

Honestly, I want nothing for my birthday. After you turn 12 should you really get presents? I mean maybe up until you are 21 but after that come on….but for some reason, our culture says you have to give people stuff to show you care. Like I said if I needed it or wanted it I probably already have it.

The first year seemed silly for my in-laws but now that people are used to what I really want I am actually the easiest person to buy for because I just want simple everyday stuff. I asked for a big box of microwave popcorn and now I get one every year.

I love to watch a movie with my little daughter once a week and we always have popcorn. It makes me happy. She loves hot chocolate so someone always buys a big container of it so we can have that in the winter when it’s cold.

Up above I listed two things: financial freedom and time with my family. Those little things seem silly but they let me do something fun with my daughter.

Happiness in Simplicity

There really isn’t anything anyone can buy me at a store or wrap for me that makes me have long-term happiness. At this point, I have come to enjoy the simple things. Stuff is fun, but the immediate fascination fades away.

Learning something new get’s me excited. Coming up with a new idea or venture gets me excited. A new opportunity at work is exciting. Taking a risk and accomplishing something is exciting. More money is always great as well, but I’ve been happy when I was making $18,500 and I’ve been happy making five times that amount….so it’s not always money that makes you happy.

So my question for you is: What do you want?

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