Giving Thanks for Credit Cards and Consumer Debt

At this time of Thanksgiving, we gather together around the country as families to give thanks for the things we truly love and cherish: credit cards and consumer debt.

Debt Love Affair

Our love affair with debt has been long-lasting. In fact, it’s one of those relationships that binds us together for decades with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and more.

Our debt lasts longer than most marriages these days and stands by us at all times, good and bad.

It even sends us letters and emails at least once a month just to check in with us to see how we are doing. “Oh is that bill too high, don’t worry about it, just pay a little bit…it’s okay, we just want to extend our relationship even longer because we care about you so much.” Wow, these companies are so good to us. They just give and give to us when we just don’t have enough.

What I Deserve In Life

You know life is tough and we deserve to have what everyone else has…not many folks will listen to us, but thankfully our credit card companies show continued compassion upon us and let us live how we really deserve.

I am a much better father and husband because of the 70″ screen TV and the newest phones and tablets. Each night we gather together as a family around the couch with my kids and their phones texting friends. Mom is surfing Facebook and Pinterest and dad is on his laptop in the corner while watching the game. Life doesn’t get any better than this folks, we are living the dream of spending time interacting with our family….. of gadgets.

What Thanksgiving Is Truly About

We’re so excited to get together as a family once a year and be able to truly enjoy this time at what we cherish the most about it: shopping. We’ll get that dinner out of the way and truly remember why we have this day off of work…flipping through those piles of ads and planning out a strategy for later that evening and early the next morning.

Thank goodness so many stores have finally come around and understand our needs just like the credit card companies. What a horrible burden to wake up early on Black Friday. I have Thanksgiving off after all and all this free time to watch football and then what am I supposed to do that evening…keep hanging out with the family?

There is so much fantastic new stuff out this year that I truly deserve. My staff always understands me. My phone brings me peace and comfort with any spare second that I have in life…my phone is always there for me as long as I remember to charge it.

The stores know their employees really have nothing much to do on Thanksgiving night as well and are so good to get them some extra hours around the holidays. Thank goodness they open Thursday night so I can spend my hard earned credit at that time and again on Friday morning. I’ll probably go online as well and spend a little more. 

These are great deals people, you have to take advantage. What is the name of that $99 32″ TV – Shimoshutwo, yeah that sounds like high quality…totally worth the four hours in line in the freezing cold. I know I already have four TVs…but five just feels right.

Debt Is Okay – I’ll Pay It Off

Sure the average person has $16,000 in consumer debt, but those people have real problems. I’m not like everyone else and I will pay it off, just not right now. Seriously those people have some pretty big spending issues to deal with, not like me, I will totally get it paid off, but there are just too good of deals on Black Friday.

This is just one day a year that I get to spend time having fun and spending money. Sure I could take this year off from Black Friday and pay down the bills. Sure I could probably take some time to invest some more into retirement, but that is so far down the road. I want to have fun now and enjoy things. I’ll get serious when I make some real money later on in life. Plus I only spend around $400 on this day. $400 is not going to put a dent in $16,000.

Thanksgiving and Spending: The One Thing We Have Perfected

Once again, let’s take some time this week and truly think about and honor what makes our country great: spending, credit cards, and consumer debt; exactly what this day of Thanksgiving was envisioned to be all about. What a country!

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