How I Finished My Christmas Shopping Early and Saved Big!

I know, I know, it’s way too early to even mention anything to do with jingle bells or reindeer, but I think I just set a new record for myself!

As of yesterday, October 26, I officially finished all of my Christmas shopping. Yes, I am one of those weirdos who starts her Christmas shopping annoyingly early. I wasn’t always like this, but over the years it just sorts of happened. It probably has something to do with Christmas being my Favorite time of year and how I love to find a good deal (especially when it comes to gifts for the people I love).

What’s interesting about this year’s Christmas gift spend is that although my income is at its highest it’s ever been, I’ve actually spent the least amount of money. Because I am a freak of nature, I’ve been tracking my Christmas gift spending, so by my calculations I’ve spent less than half of what I spent last year.

Want to know exactly how much I’m talking about? Without being too specific (I may write about money, but I still don’t want my family knowing who I spent more on less on), this year I spent $238.88 compared to last year when I spent $555.44.

Who am I buying for? My dad, my mom, and my two sisters. That amount also includes a birthday gift for my younger sister (her birthdays in January), but it doesn’t yet include a birthday gift for my mom (her birthdays on Christmas Eve).

Wait, what about my HB? Does he get coal or something? Hell no, coal’s expensive (I’m assuming anyway)! Actually, this year my HB and I have decided not to exchange gifts. We’re both paying $700 each for flights back home for Christmas, so that’s a good enough gift for both of us.

That and we are the worst at buying gifts for each other. We’re both the type of people that if we want something, we’ll probably buy it ourselves or already own it. It’s just easier this way.

Want to know something else super cool? I did all of my shopping without ever leaving my couch. That’s right, I did all of my shopping online this year and saved in a big way. I had about $50 sitting in my account I got for free from a freelancing gig so that covered two gifts.

I found some great online-only deals that also included free shipping which I took advantage of for two other gifts. I bought one gift on Etsy that wasn’t on sale and didn’t have free shipping, but it’ll be a one-of-a-kind gift that would have probably cost triple at a regular store.

And lastly, I found one other gift online for 30% and shipping only cost me $6 (which I happily paid instead of l spending the money on transit to physically buy it in-store).

So, there you have it, shop online and don’t buy anything for your spouse for Christmas. You’re Christmas budget and wallet will thank you, and your spouse will most likely be relieved that he/she doesn’t have to think of something clever to gift you.

Again, I know Halloween hasn’t even passed, but are you crazy and like to do all of your Christmas shopping early like me too? What do you do to save money on Christmas gifts?

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