How I Increased My Freelance Income by $2,000 in One Month

The only reason I started looking for new avenues of income was to become debt free as quickly as possible. Adding to my resume and finding a better paying (and more satisfying) career was definitely a byproduct of buckling down to pay off all the debt I accumulated over the past few years.

In a recent monthly progress report, I announced that I increased my income from side gigs and freelance jobs by 40% but I didn’t go into much detail. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Increased my freelance income by over $2,000

Many of you are in this same position, where you have a full-time job but want to expand your network and increase your income in the process. Or maybe you’re looking to quit your day job and work for yourself as a full-time freelancer.

So I’m going to open up and share a few of my secrets, so hopefully you can increase your income to reach your financial goals quicker too.

1. Start with a motivating goal in mind

I had a goal in mind when I started increasing my income. I didn’t just want to “make more money” or “find a better job”. Yes, those are good reasons, but for me I needed a little more motivation than just the normal stuff. I wanted to be free from all my debt and feel more financially secure.

One of the best ways to do this, is to make more money! Increasing my income meant I could get out of debt faster, which meant I could do more of what I love; like traveling, spending time with family, writing and other things I’m passionate about.

When you don’t make enough money, or have too much debt, it’s like having weights around your ankles. You will get to where you wanna go, but it takes SO much more time and energy that when you do eventually get to your destination, you’re so physically and emotionally exhausted you can’t truly enjoy your victory.

I was determined not to let that happen to me. So, I did anything and everything I could to use my time wisely and build a solid freelancing career on the side. This is why having a motivating goal is the key to successfully achieving what you want.

2. Say “YES” to more opportunities

On top of creating a motivating goal, I said “YES” to every opportunity that crossed my path. Notice I didn’t say yes to every opportunity available in my field, just the ones that came my way.

After really narrowing down what I’m passionate about, I started looking for new jobs and opportunities I could say “Yes” to. Some of those opportunities didn’t pay any money at all, instead they paid me in connections, valuable contacts, education and experiences.

While I was still selective in what jobs I said “Yes” to, I wasn’t afraid to take on too much work or overload myself. I knew in the beginning, that putting a small sacrifice up-front would pay off big later — it’s what they call “paying your dues” and I wanted to make each due I paid really count!

I wasn’t doing any of these freelance jobs for the money, I was in it for the experience, for what I’ll get out of it, that’s more valuable than money. I know what you’re thinking. What’s more valuable than money? Well a lot of things actually:

  • Time
  • Happiness
  • Expert advice
  • Passion
  • Health
  • Experience
  • The list goes on

That’s the secret to increasing your income quickly; saying Yes” to the right opportunities, saying “No” to the wrong ones (and learning to tell the difference). You have to look past the dollar $igns to see the true value in new career opportunities because not every job comes with a paycheck, but the opportunity could still make you rich!

3. Do your best work possible, no matter what

Whether the person who hired me is a new boss or new client, I treat them all with the same respect – no matter what they’re paying me. I submit my work on-time, I ask questions, I respond to emails quickly and just generally treat people, like real people.

I like to view every client as the perfect opportunity to create the best impression possible. Because you never know where one connection might lead and since we’re building our online (and offline) reputations everyday, I am very careful and intentional with my work and how it’s perceived.

That’s the best way to find more work, without spamming people with your resume; do the best job, no matter what and treat every paying customer/client with the same high standards. In turn they will recommend you to their colleagues, friends and family.

4. Use your day job to fund your passions

This is one of the best reasons to keeping your day job – you can do work on the side, on weekends and late into the night that really matters. Because you don’t have to worry about the money and you can use your day job to fund your dream job.

By doing this, you can be a little more reckless with the opportunities you take and can focus on what you want to learn instead of what you’ve got to earn.

This will bring more connections your way, help you build the right kind of reputation and you get so many job offers you’ll have to start saying “No” because there aren’t enough hours in the day (seriously that’s what is happening to me now).

Now, I challenge you to say “Yes” to one new job opportunity this week (just one). Do your best work, treat your new client with respect and don’t look at the salary or hourly rate. Instead, look at how this new opportunity can increase your happiness while propelling you into a better future and a more passionate career.

I know it’s scary, but you can start with something small – even if it’s a hobby. I started this blog and my freelance writing as a hobby, just because it’s something I love to do. And now it’s repaying me with extra spending money every month – but more importantly I’ve made valuable experiences and learned things that money can’t buy.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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