How Money Has Shaped My Life

So apparently today is my 3-year blogiversary and I totally forgot! It was a pretty busy week to be fair. I was out almost every night (or lunch break) hanging out with friends before my HB and I left for Vancouver today.

And then, because it’s just my luck, I got a cold right on Friday morning. Of course, I wasn’t sure if it was a cold at first. I thought maybe it was cat allergies (I was at a friend’s house the night before who has two cats), but it’s still here so I guess I’m going to be that gross person no one wants to sit next to on the plane. Oh well, I’m just stoked I’m finally coming home for a nice, long visit!

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years. Back when I started this blog, in my mind I would do it for one year, then see if I wanted to continue for another year. I did the same thing after my 2-year biodiversity, and now here I am at 3 years and apparently, I’m still blogging!

I had lunched the other day with Cait, and we were talking about how it’s kind of crazy that us personal finance bloggers can write about money for literally years on end. I honestly thought I would have run out of things to write about by now, but as my life continues to evolve, so does this blog.

This blog started out as one of those run-of-the-mill “5 Ways to Save” and “Budgeting Tips & Tricks” blogs, but it eventually morphed into a blog more about my life and how money has shaped it. Money really is the main factor when it comes to all of my big life decisions.

If I didn’t have any money and wasn’t so strict with budgeting and saving, there’s no way I could have traveled to Thailand, had the wedding I wanted, or moved to Toronto without a job. And there’s definitely no way my HB and I could have started the home buying process either.

To be completely honest, I was thinking about shutting this blog down in the summer. Since I now work in digital marketing, when I come home after work, sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer, write a blog post, and promote it on the interwebs.

But I keep meeting so many amazing personal finance bloggers (I’m talking about you Michelle and Charlotte) and FinCon was pretty cool too. I guess I’ll just be doing another year of this and see where it takes me.

I’m super stoked that this year may be the year that Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses actually will actually own a house! Finally, when people ask me if my blog is about real estate, I can say “Yeah. Well, sort of.”

Before I wrap this up and finish up packing for my trip, I do want to give a big thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this blog. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know if I would have kept going after year 1.

So, a huge thank you to all of you, and the next time I write something I’ll be in rainy Vancity!

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