How Much Money Will It Take to End Your Search for Happiness?

We seem to always want more in life so what amount of money will fulfill your lifelong dream of financial freedom and end your search for happiness? Or in reality is this a fruitless search because no matter how much money we seem to have and acquire we still aren’t satisfied?

Does Money Make You Happy

Does having money make you happy? Or is not having to think about money and finances bring you more peace and calm in your life?

If money is the source of our happiness there must be some amount that ultimately makes us fulfilled in life or at least we think will fulfill us. 

Is it a salary of six-figures or becoming a millionaire or owning our own business? The more we analyze the question the more we probably realize that it really isn’t money that gives us happiness and yet most of us spend our lives obsessing about money and seeking after wealth accumulation.

So What Makes Us Happy

Money is awesome. I love it. But lately I have found that being able to control my workday and schedule makes me much happier than the salary I earn. I earn a wonderful salary and I am grateful for it, but being able to control my whole schedule and being in charge of all projects makes me really happy at work.

I love being the boss and also helping others find freedom in their work by teaching them how to be a really productive person and employee. A happy employee who feels appreciated and has opportunities to grow works really hard (most of the time). If they do well then so, do I and ultimately it can be less work for me!

Don’t tell anyone but I would work for less just to have control of my schedule, but if I can still make a lot and control my schedule…. hey, let’s break out the cake so I can eat it too!

Being Able to Spend Time at Home

I have an obligation outside of work that pretty much is like having a second full-time job. That makes the free time I have so valuable that I have to make sure I budget my time just like I do my money. The free time I have needs to go into my top “investments” which are my wife and daughter. Everything else is secondary.

That quality time with my family pays off in big dividends in the long run. There is no other substitute for me.

Does Money Make Us Happy?

I said it earlier, but does money make us happy? Maybe it is having a large house and cars and being able to show off to our neighbors that fulfills us. If I had a new truck, I would be happy. If I had a boat and wave runners, I would be happy. If I made another $10,000 a year, I would be happy. Well, would it?

Can We Ever Be Happy Chasing More Money

If money is the source of happiness, can we ever be satisfied? Most people when they receive more money instantly spend it giving it to someone else. The people that only want $10,000 more a year are likely trying to upgrade their lifestyle, so they still don’t have any extra money, they didn’t want money, they wanted stuff. Not always the case, but often it is.

We trade the money for things we want and does that stuff make us happy at the end of the day or does it temporarily fulfill a desire and then we just want something else later? If someone else has more than us, can we ever be happy if money is our ultimate satisfaction? Won’t we always be chasing after something that someone else ultimately has more than us.

If Only I was a Millionaire

I contend that if you can’t find happiness while making $40,000 or 50,000 a year you likely won’t find it later on in life. Finding joy in what you do and who you are and who you are around is ultimately more fulfilling than money. Money goes up and down and allows us to do things, but ultimately can’t be in charge of our happiness or we’ll be pretty miserable with the ebbs and flows of the market.

“If only” is an awful way to live life. We’ll always be chasing or looking back and never living in the moment. Opportunities will pass us by as we seek out something else and miss living our current life.

I have mentioned before that just because you are rich won’t make you happy. I know rich, miserable people.  

Being In Control Ultimately Leads to Happiness

For me being in control of life, in control of money, and in control of my freedom gives me the satisfaction I am looking for in life. It is nearly impossible to become happy with money unless we have some idea in mind that ultimately leads us to some form of satisfaction. If we just chase more, we’ll never get there.

Chase After What is Attainable

Happiness comes from having our life in order. If you want more money then go after it, but you also have to find something that ultimately gives you satisfaction in life. When you set a goal that direction you are likely to reach it and maintain it.

Find Happy First Then Money

I think we do things many times in reverse order. If I have money, then I will be happy. But what if we work on happy first, then when we have accomplished that and later on when we have money won’t we be even more happy?

What Makes You Happy Now

As I said earlier, what makes you happy now? Can you continue to build upon it? Why are you not satisfied with where you are at in life and what can be done to change it?

We need to set some realistic goals in life. Doesn’t mean you can’t dream but we need to be productive and satisfied along the way. If you love to write, then write like no one else. If you love to hike, then go out and excel at it. Find the level of satisfaction in your life. Then when your finances increase you already know how to handle your finances and happiness no matter where you are in life.

If you can have your life in order, then you know the answer to how much money it will take to end your search for happiness…because you are already there.

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