How to Fight Stress the Frugal Way

One thing I think is really important to integrate into your frugal lifestyle is stress management. Listen, we all get stressed at times, it’s totally normal, but it sure ain’t healthy.

Life is short, and way too short to waste your weekend worrying about a cheque bouncing or losing sleep over your credit card debt. Take it from me, I’m a chronic worrier and I’m not good at hiding it.

My problem is I try to compartmentalize everything in my life, but once in a while one bad day can make all those drawers burst open. Believe me, trying to clean up that mess with wine, chocolate and a good cry doesn’t always help. So, here are a few ways I’ve started to fight stress without spending too much money.

Tip #1

Turn off that TV, make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and give yourself 30 min. to an hour to get lost in a good book. I suggest The Hunger Games which I am currently addicted to.

Tip #2

Do some yoga exercise or at least a good long stretch. You can go to a class or if you just want to do a quickie at home has some free videos.

Tip #3

Drink lots of water all the time. We all know we’re supposed to drink lots of water since our bodies are made up of 60% of it, but it also helps alleviate headaches and boosts general health. I have a water bottle at my desk at work which I try fill up twice a day, and I always try to drink a big glass in the morning and before bed. If you hate drinking water, has some interesting if not unusual suggestions to get you pumped to drink your H20. Water pong anyone?

Tip #4

Take a bubble bath. As relaxing as baths are, I’d say try only taking one every few months at the most since it is a big waste of water (hint hint Tom Ford. Taking a bath every hour is not environmentally friendly or normal).

Tip #5

Meditate. Now I’m no expert on meditation but by BF visited Thailand a while back and he’s been practicing meditation ever since. Try concentrating on an object until you are completely focused on it and all of its surroundings disappear from your thoughts. Another technique is to walk in a straight line really slowly, forcing you to pay close attention to every little movement your body makes.

Tip #6

Seek help from a counsellor. There doesn’t seem to be as much of a taboo surrounding going to therapy nowadays, which is great because sometimes we need some help from the professionals. Maybe your stress is actually a sign of depression or a symptom of an anxiety disorder? I’d suggest checking if your work health benefits cover counselling and if so, try it out for a few sessions to see if you like it.

Do you have any tips for getting rid of stress the frugal way?

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