How to Keep Positive While Unemployed

I hate being unemployed. Well, who doesn’t I guess, but I really hate it. It’s in my nature to want to work. I’ve been working since I was 15 and most of the time, I’ve been balancing more than one job at a time.

I’m also very ambitious, which is good and bad. It’s good because when I am working, I work hard, I get results, and I feel fulfilled. When I’m not working, I have to fight to keep positive and optimistic that things will eventually turn around for the better.

After a few phone calls back home this week, I definitely feel like I now have a good plan for myself to keep positive while job hunting in Toronto. If any of you are in the same boat as me, hopefully some of these tips will help you too!

1. Keep active

Now this means to me keeping both mentally and physically active. To maintain my sanity I need to have things to do. Luckily there have been a ton of things to do lately as my HB and I try to settle in our sublet. For instance, we’ve been on multiple shopping trips for essentials that our place didn’t have (like a fan, bowls, and tea towels. It sure is fun living in a bachelor’s apartment for the summer). I’ve also been trying to get back into the blogging game so to speak.

I’ve felt a bit disconnected from the personal finance blogosphere for the past few months, so I’m trying to get back into commenting and reading other blogs and being more active on social media. Physically I haven’t really been doing anything quite yet, but next week I’m going to make a point of going outside for at least a 20-minute run every day. When I exercise, I’m always in a better mood, so I’m going to get back into that routine.

2. Be social

It’s hard living away from friends and family, and as much as I love my HB, I think we’re getting a bit sick of doing everything together. Luckily I have a few contacts in the city so I’m starting to set up coffee dates with people so I can have a social life once again. I’ve also made a point in keeping in touch with my friends and family over Facebook, email, and Skype which definitely helps.

3. Listen to music

Maybe this isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s a big mood elevator. I was feeling pretty low Tuesday night until I started listening to Marina and the Diamonds and I immediately starting feeling better about my whole situation.

4. Treat yourself

I think one of the biggest things I hate about being unemployed is feeling guilty for buying anything. I’ve got nothing coming in so really I shouldn’t be spending any money besides the essentials. But I’ve never been keen on “no spend days” and if I drip coffee from Starbucks will give me a smile for a bit, then I’m gonna frickin’ go to Starbucks and get myself a coffee!

5. Give yourself a day off from job hunting

My mom gave me this advice last night and she’s had a good point. If I just keep going on the job boards everyday I’m probably gonna crack soon. Instead, I’m going to allow myself one day a week to enjoy the day and do whatever I want without feeling guilty for not applying to jobs.

6. Learn something new

Being unemployed not only sucks because it drains your bank account, but also because it makes you feel unproductive. I live to be productive, and one of the ways I’m going to use up some of my free time is by learning something new. I’m not sure what quite yet but I expect a few trips to the library will be in order.

Check back here tomorrow for my weekly link love post! I know I haven’t done one in a very long time but I’m starting them up again.

What would you do to keep positive while unemployed?

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