I Spent $7000 and Didn’t Even Get a Lousy T-Shirt

Ever since I got my first full-time job after university, I’ve always looked forward to being at a point financially where I could afford to buy myself something really expensive as a treat for myself.

Be it a designer purse, a fancy watch, or a piece of jewelry, once and a while when I’m at home and have nothing to do I’ll find myself perusing sites like Nordstrom, Piperlime, and Eluxe to do a bit of virtual window shopping.

My latest thought process was to buy myself something nice once I passed my 3 months probation at my new job. Well, I’m only a few weeks away and the more I think about it, the more I can’t help but feel like spending $500 on a purse is just downright crazy.

I mean, the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought myself (besides my laptop) was a leather jacket for $200, and the main reason I bought it was because it was on sale from $500 and I felt I just couldn’t pass up such an amazing deal. And how many times have I actually worn said jacket you ask? One. One time. It’s hanging in my closet with my wedding reception dress and other articles of clothing I’ll never wear again as we speak.

That all being said, as much as I’d love to say that this is because I am just such a responsible, frugal gal, the real reason is because when it comes to money, I will always favour spending my hard-earned cash on travel over material things. To be completely honest, I think I might even be a bit of a travel shopaholic. Don’t believe me? Well, since I started this blog 2 years ago I’ve spent $6919.29 on travel. Check out the numbers!

Road trip to Toronto – $1000.75

Honeymoon in California – $1750.00

Bachelorette party in Las Vegas – $799.23

Backpacking around Thailand – $2864.56

Trip to Portland – $504.75

But here’s the thing, I don’t regret spending a single penny. If I was to spend $500 on a purse, eventually I’d grow tired of it and it would wind up right beside my abandoned leather jacket. Travel on the other hand is an experience that will last me a lifetime. From every single one of my trips I’ve come back with not just photos but new experiences, stories, and memories that no one can ever take away from me.

So, what should I do instead of spending $500 on a Michael Kors purse? Let’s just say I foresee a trip to New York in my very near future…and possibly one of those lousy t-shirts that say “I Heart NY” because I’ve just always wanted one.

What do you prefer to spend your money on – materials or experiences?

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