I’m Sorry, Did I Just Pay $40 to Eat at IHOP?

So, the day after me and my BF got engaged, I thought I’d treat him to a celebratory breakfast at IHOP. Yes, I know, not the classiest of breakfast joints, but No. 1 it’s literally a block from our house and No. 2 our original go-to breakfast place Subeez recently changed their menu for the worse.

Any who, we both ordered an omelet and a coffee and when I got the bill, I saw we owed $40 including tax and tip. What the hell? Since when is IHOP the same price as going to a decent restaurant like Cactus Club or Earls? Not to mention, the food is mediocre at best and the coffee not only tastes terrible but will guarantee you the runs for the next hour. Afterwards I started thinking of other places we could go for a cheap bite in the morning, and this is what I’ve come up with.

First off, don’t go to a chain restaurant, Denny’s is evil too, though convenient hours, I know. Second, have you ever walked by that sketchy looking dive that serves $2.99 breakfast and Chinese food? That’s where you need to go. I’m serious. Me and my BF used to go to this place in New Westminster called Jim’s and it was fantastic. Well, despite the dirty sign, non-matching furniture, weird specials (why would anyone order chicken fried steak here?) and the super greasy food, for a plate of eggs, sausages, toast and a coffee for two it only came to $10. Now that is a cheap date! Be wary of the grease coma that will ensue afterwards. Just give yourself an hour to digest and you’ll be good to go.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, for all you Vancouverites there’s always Bon’s on Broadway. However, what used to be a hidden gem is now hipster headquarters. I used to live 3 blocks from the place and no matter how early I got there, there would always be a line of hipsters waiting to get in or better yet sitting on the curb drinking a mug of beer (it’s 9am, where there hell did you get that?).

If you don’t care about a sit-down breakfast, of all the fast food places out there I recommend Tim Horton’s and A&W. But no matter what, do not go to McDonald’s. That place scares the sh** out of me. I’m not sure what kind of animals they actually serve up but I don’t think they came from a farm.

If none of these work for you, your best bet is to make sure you always have some hash browns and bacon in your deep-freeze. So, if you’ve got a hangover or you have a sleepover buddy you need to feed, you can whip up your own breakfast without the instant regret that comes with paying $40 for f***ing IHOP!

Do you know of any good, cheap breakfast spots?

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