Is it Time to Change Jobs?

I don’t know how the economy and situation are where you are, but it is kicking butt here big time. In fact, we now have the problem of having more jobs than people available. 

Every single business you drive by has a sign-out front saying they are hiring. There are commercials all over the radio saying companies are hiring. There are still people out there but when there is so much demand the folks that are left now may have qualifications that are less than desirable. When the economy gets like that and everyone is trying to hire…. guess who has the advantage at work….YOU, the employee.

Ask for a Raise

When companies have a hard time filling jobs or have extra jobs they need to hold on to everyone they have…that gives the employee a huge advantage. Just last week we had a supervisor leave and my boss was commenting to me how it wouldn’t be too big of a loss compared to losing me or the other manager.

So I asked for a raise right there on the spot…and I’m getting it on my next paycheck in two days! I used to be shy about asking for raises but they are simply the fastest way to increase your pay other than moving jobs.

When is the last time you asked for a raise?

Multiple Offers

We have departments that are fighting over the same candidates because there is simply a lack of qualified people for multiple positions. How awesome is it to be an employee and see multiple offers laying in front of you? There is so much negotiating power when the economy is like this.

This is another reason why it might be time to consider a job change.

Time for a Job or Career Change?

I look at houses all the time. I’m not planning on moving anytime soon because I really like my house, small payment, and neighborhood. However, I still like to see what the market is doing and what is available.

It is the same with jobs. 

I have been at my current job for 9 1/2 years. I have never been at the same job for so long, but my situation is so good that it makes it tough to leave, but sometimes loyalty can kill your income, so be careful. However, I still like to see what is out there. I like to see what is new. I like to see trends.

I do have a list of jobs at companies that I think are better than my job. They are really hard to get because those folks aren’t going to leave their prime positions. However, I do want to be ready just in case. I like to have a target and goal in mind and not just when life gets so miserable that I just have to leave.

I never thought I would leave my prior career, but if I had not I would have missed out on a ton of money and a way better career. We can’t go through life with blinders on. Now that doesn’t mean you should jump ship all the time. I hate looking at the resume of someone that changes jobs each year. Just makes me think you are going to leave my place and I don’t want to invest in someone like that.

Money, Advancement, Career

What is your target in your career? Do you want a better title, more money, more freedom, and flexibility? All of the above? Well, how are you going to get it?

Even if you don’t want to change jobs it would be a good idea to see if you are in a position to negotiate something to your advantage. I personally like it when my employees ask for a raise. That means they have been working hard and feel like they have earned it. I haven’t always been able to meet their request but more often than not I have been able to get them some extra money or a bonus.

It’s not my money so why do I care? Plus they are on my team and if they are happy, they are making life good for me as well, so it’s a win-win all the way around. So update that killer resume today and start looking for something better for you!

So what are you waiting for?

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