Living a Money Lie Part 1

Are you living a life of complete financial fraud? Do you spend well above your means just to impress other people or to make yourself feel better, or even worse, for no good reason at all

If the answer is yes…then basically you are living a lie…a complete money lie.

The Fraudulent Comfort of Debt

The comfort that comes from having things or thinking we are living a better life than we really are because of temporary assistance from credit cards is a desert mirage. We chase but never get there and end up gasping in the desert when financial resources finally run out.

While we may temporarily dull the pain of our financial situation with a shiny toy why do we compound the situation by adding on debt? It’s like throwing water on a drowning person. Why does digging a bigger hole in our finances make us feel better? Most likely it comes because you haven’t had the financial satisfaction of ever living without debt.

We Live More Years in Debt than Out of Debt

With an average consumer debt of $16,000 per person and mortgage debt greater than $150k most people never get to know the awesome and liberating feeling of living debt free. 

So many have grown up in debt that it is just an accepted way of life. They have learned that if you don’t have enough you shouldn’t wait and save for it but should use credit right now.

Blissful and Financial Ignorance 

Everyone gets their financial wake-up call some day. Many just try and delay the realities as long as possible. Just because you haven’t had this lesson doesn’t allow you to escape the consequences of your decisions. Bills always come due no matter how long you delay or extend payments. All you are doing is extending the lie of your true financial situation.

The Satisfaction of Your Own Money

How many people actually live a life without debt? Not many. What if you could go back and have half of your money back? How would it feel to know that you had half your money right now and it’s been growing over the years? Would you give up half of your “toys” for your money back now? If you have regrets why don’t you do anything about it at this point?

Instead of validating or having your life defined by a large truck or house that you really can’t afford, what if you let your money/investments define your life? You don’t even have to share your success with anyone else. If you need validation from others…that’s a bigger issue to deal with…but once you find satisfaction from who you are and what you do instead of what you have…you are on the way to happiness and freedom.

Stop Caring What Others Think

The best way to make this change is to stop caring what other people think about you. If your family, friends, or neighbors only hang out with you because you have fun toys…guess what…you don’t have a real friendship. They like your stuff…, not you. What happens when the toys are gone? Your fake friends take off.

What Do You Expect When You Aren’t Even Honest With Yourself Financially

Living a money lie leaves you with a fake life, real stress, and serious bills that compound instead of your investments. You will constantly complain about life and your situation, but what do you expect when you aren’t honest with yourself? Being financially unfaithful to yourself creeps into every other aspect of your life. Your marriage/relationships get strained and one day the financial stress and regrets come due.

So why are you still living this way? Who wants to live with financial regrets that hang over your head every single day? The continuation of this lie will only do one thing…prevent you from ever becoming wealthy and financially free.

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