Money Advice from the Future

Deep down you want to be rich and wealthy Who doesn’t want to sit out on the deck of your beach house or cabin every single day at 10 a.m. with nothing on the to-do list except to eat and sleep? 

Really you want to live a life of financial freedom and to be able to take control of your life. But let’s be honest, if that is truly your desire are you really willing to do what it takes or is it just something you think you desire and just wish would happen to you? Wishes = lazy.

You Might Be Too Lazy to Be Rich If:

  • You consistently spend more than you make.
  • You love paying for 200 channels of the TV even though you watch 10-15 and never call out your cable or satellite company for a better deal or to cut it off. Almost everything is negotiable.
  • You have to have the latest smartphone and give them freely to your children.
  • You love to eat out for lunch every day.
  • You don’t take the time to come up with a budget.
  • You think owning much more drywall and 2×4′s will make you happier.
  • You like shiny new things and can’t wait to have them without going into debt.
  • You think mom and dad and grandma and grandpa are going to hand everything down to you one day.

How sad would it be that you can’t retire or become financially free because you couldn’t pass up 2 $20 fajitas, and shiny new cell phones?

I mean think about it, you really traded those things instead of becoming rich? Holy crap….what do you think your 65-year-old self would tell you right now if your future self could travel back in time.

65-year-old self: “Oh man, being rich is totally not worth it compared to watching Shark Week, don’t change a thing. I love continuing to work every single day and having no retirement in sight. Everyone was totally wrong about social security, it doesn’t run out until 2035 and not 2033…you are good.”

Yeah, I don’t think so. You know what a 65-year-old self would say.

“Hey stop being so damn lazy!”

I Will Be Rich vs. I Wish I Was Rich

Hey, I don’t want to be a jerk here, but let’s look at the facts.  You can’t sit back and hope it happens.  You can’t spend more than you make and think one day it will all work out. That is not a strategy for becoming rich, but the opposite of rich…you are literately working to be/stay poor. How does that happen that you work to be poor?

Get Rich Quick…Not!

What takes you from hoping and wishing to be rich… to actually being rich. You can try your get-rich-quick schemes and lottery and gambling and see where that gets you but let’s be honest the quick way is the lazy persons’ justification of trying to do anything but real work to get rich, but you are in fact just getting other people rich who put in the time and effort to think of these “quick rich” plans…before they go to jail.

I Want to be a Millionaire

I hear this a lot. Well not duh, who doesn’t, hey me too. So, what are you going to do about it besides say it and wish it? Are you honestly willing to put in the work? Have you ever calculated the possibility of reaching that amount in your life? Are you just working and spending and accumulating debt and hoping that it all works out? That is not the ethic of a rich person. 

If you are too lazy to control your spending, you are too lazy to be rich. You can’t stumble into achievements in life.

Habits of Lifetime Millionaires

  • You need to be thrifty and frugal where you can, always reviewing your budget. You don’t give away your money easily.
  • You are steady in your employment and constantly invest and look for opportunities to learn to invest more.
  • You sell drugs and run questionable dirty websites (totally kidding, just wanted to see if you were still reading at this point).
  • You hate debt and are willing to sacrifice the near term for the long-term goal.
  • You invest in yourself through education or developing relationships to put yourself in the best position to take advantage of employment opportunities or promotions or start a company with someone.
  • You are willing to sacrifice and push on when others are giving up.
  • You stopped caring what everyone else thinks about how you live your life. Unless you are my wife, mom, and mother-in-law I could care less what you have to say.
  • You are not jealous of others’ debt…WHAT? In other words….you shake your head at neighbors who take on consumer debt to get their shiny new toys.
  • You start now and don’t waste time trying to take shortcuts and procrastinate on your finances.
  • You are willing to take a calculated risk and fail and be willing to try again.

Do You Have the Drive to Be A Millionaire?

If this doesn’t sound like you…well, you might get there, but I doubt it until you kick out the lazy. Plus get this, most millionaires like to work and keep working because success and drive are built into their DNA. 

Sitting back and doing nothing is not characteristic of many self-made millionaires. I went to school with a guy who retired at 37 and just last month received notice that he started up another business. He couldn’t leave it alone for even a full year. Millionaires have to be doing something productive in life. Is building sand castles on the beach with my future grandkids productive? I’m leaning toward yes.

Lots and lots of people have been able to do it and become rich. So can you.  See you at the finish line.

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