Planning for Retirement and Christmas

Wow, this week sure whipped by! I’m not complaining, I love when time flies. Especially after this past year when time seemed to stand still for months on end. I know the main reason for this is my new job.

 I’ve officially finished my 3-months’ probation and it feels so good to finally feel like I’m valued and I’m good at what I do! I’ve held a number of jobs since graduating university 5 years ago, and with each job I’ve always learned so much.

Sometimes I learned a number of new skills and sometimes I learned that the grass sometimes is greener on the other side. I’m certainly not bashing any of my prior employers because I’m so grateful for all of those experiences.

What I mean to say is I’m so glad I never gave up. I left everything I knew in Vancouver, took a big chance and moved to Toronto to find my dream job. One that paid fairly and fulfilled my ambitions. It may have taken me 12 months to find it, but man was it worth the wait.

On the topic of finishing my 3-months’ probation period, I finally get benefits again! Not only is this great news for me, but also for my freelancing HB who basically depends on me for his dental care. Another bonus I get that I’ve never had before is a pension plan. I know only a money nerd like me would get excited to have 2% of my paycheque put directly into an RRSP, but hey, I’m stoked!

Besides getting benefits and a pension, another awesome thing about my job is that I have the flexibility to work from our different office locations. The luxury of working for a big company I guess, but this is seriously a godsend when trying to schedule a trip back to Vancouver for Christmas.

I really didn’t want to have another short visit like back in May, so I’ll actually be coming home for a good few weeks and working while I’m there. Personally, this is fine with me because my family and friends are usually busy during the day working themselves. Plus, it means I get can really have a quality visit with my loved ones (and getting a cheaper flight by flying out well before Christmas is nice too).

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