The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Last month, I found a link to a video and short exercise that changed the way I envisioned my future. Led by Vishen Lakhiani, co-founder of Mindvalley, the video showcases the difference between end goals versus means goals, then guides you through the process of answering the three most important questions you can ask yourself.

Many of my answers surprised me. I realized it was easy to envision my end goals (get out of debt, motivate others, have a family, etc.) but that means goals are the individual milestones that would help me achieve my end goals. It’s hard to imagine what your means goals will be but answering those 3 questions gave me a few ideas of how I could start working towards my end goals.

Four weeks later, after deciding not to go Bold, finishing school, and aging another year, I decided to watch the video and answer the 3 questions again. Some of my answers were the same, some were new, and I would like to share the ones that stood out most to me with you.

1. What do I want to experience?

love, healthy relationship, partnership, passion, smile daily, hug often, laugh always, make change, inspire, gratitude, half marathon, triathlon, travel, pregnant, teach kids, give lessons, learn lessons, watch kids grow, watch brother and sister succeed and be happy in life.

2. How do I want to grow?

lead, teach, ask for what I want, speak about my passion with no fear, take risks, motivate, trust people, trust words, trust the world, be positive, believe in myself, confidence, do, make mistakes, struggle, learn, personal finance, inspire people to be self-aware and make positive changes, be inspired by others.

3. What do I want to contribute to the planet?

be a role model, help others, empower people, volunteer more, teach kids, motivate kids, raise good kids, start public speaking, make a change, save, donate, live not for money but for experience, prove that happiness is a mindset, be open, be able, be good, pay it forward.

I don’t want to say this exercise has rid me of the pattern of setting goals and sticking to them… but it has opened my mind to the fact that decisions I make in my everyday life are what will lead me to my end goals. And my end goals are pretty straight-forward: I want a career that allows me to motivate others. I want to build a happy, healthy family. And I want to lead by example, in all areas of my life.

I encourage you to take 13 minutes out of your day today, or one day soon, to answer these 3 questions for yourself. Make sure you are in an environment where you won’t be interrupted and with a pen that won’t run out. Don’t type. Write. It’s dirty, messy, and totally authentic. You don’t have to share your answers with me, but I hope they shock and inspire you.

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