The Financial Benefits to Being Sick

Cold and flu season is in full swing and it’s brutal.

Normally, I don’t worry about it because I rarely get sick.

This time however, it hit me pretty hard.

I was sick for 10 days and missed 4 days of work.

Most of the days were during the holiday break so I didn’t really “miss work”, but who wants to be sick during their break?

For the most part I don’t complain or take medication, so I suffer in silence. When I do make noise, it’s because it’s REALLY BAD.

While I was stuck inside my apartment being sick, I noticed there’s a few financial benefits to it.

You save money on groceries

My grocery list consisted of soup, cough drops (aka cough lollies) hot tea, water and a few other things.

I saved money on groceries since I didn’t feel like eating much while my throat was swollen and hurting so much. It’s great for the budget, and for keeping weight off. 

There’s extra time to be productive

After the initial “hey I get time off work” thing wears off, it can get really boring really fast. I can only rest so much before I get antsy.

When you’re sick there’s extra time to catch up on reading, clean the kitchen or get some freelance work done. It’s a great time to be productive and check off items on the checklist.

At the very least you can catch up on all the Vampire Diaries episodes (yes, it’s a teenage show, but I love it!).

You don’t go out and spend money

When your whole-body aches and you look like you’ve been run over by a truck, you definitely don’t feel like going out.

You don’t want to see friends, go to the movies or do anything social, which means you won’t be spending money! Your entertainment budget stays in tact.

You can start brainstorming

After so many days in a row of the same scenery inside your house, it’s easy to get bored. Once you’ve exhausted watching movies, reading books and being productive, you can move on to brainstorming ideas.

You can think of some great ways to save money, or make side income from a hobby, or even research things to sell online.

While this post is funny, it’s still kind of true. If you’re stuck at home being sick (like me) you can at least be comforted by the fact it’s not a complete waste of time.

How do you take advantage of being sick?

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