The Number One Way Car Owners Can Save Money

Purchasing a new car (and getting another auto loan) is not an option, so I will be doing everything I can to make sure my car lasts a long time.

Like most people, I use my vehicle for everything; my daily 40-minute commute to work, going on road trips, visiting friends/family and all my other daily errands. For these reasons, the parts on my car will wear out much quicker and need to be tuned up on a regular basis.

This type of regular use, will cause any vehicle and car parts, fluids and systems to develop issues or require complete replacement. Whether you get involved in an accident or cause major damage to the car yourself, repairs are expensive.

So what’s the absolute best way for car owners to save money on their vehicles?

Preventative Maintenance

Adhering to a proper car maintenance schedule helps to avoid automobile breakdowns, system failures and other expensive repairs. This is why preventative maintenance is the number one-way car owners can save money.

For a lot of car owners, tackling the topic of automobile repairs and maintenance is a scary and daunting task. But, even for a girl like me, it’s easy to take care of your car with these top preventative maintenance methods:

1. Learn to do small repairs and maintenance yourself

By doing a little upkeep now – like changing your oil regularly, replacing air filters, balancing the air in tires, or replacing worn out wiper blades – can help you avoid larger repairs down the road. All you need is a little knowledge, skill and the right kind of tools to keep your car performing at its best.

2. Compare the prices and find the best deals online

If your favorite mechanic or auto garage uses a certain brand of oil, for example, ask them if you can bring your own oil next time. With sites like Dearborn Classics, you can purchase some of the same quality brands and parts, at discounted prices. This site is also great for smaller auto parts like spark plugs or other lubricants.

3. Take advantage of the vehicle’s warranty period

Most dealerships offer regularly scheduled checkups, at no added cost, within the vehicle’s warranty period. This includes simple things like oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations and other preventative maintenance. All you have to pay for is the consumables used during the checkup, but normally the labor is included for free.

Preventative maintenance is definitely the best way to save money for people who need to get the most miles out of their cars.

Doing some of the small repairs yourself can save a significant amount of money over time. Plus you will get other added benefits like, better gas mileage, a smoother car ride and easier navigation on the road.

Do you save money by doing preventative maintenance on your car? How do you save money on small auto repairs?

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