Week in Review: Free Money Monday

Don’t you love it when something that could have been a disaster turns into something totally amazing? Well, that’s pretty much what happened to me when what I thought was going to be a boring, run-of-the-mill Monday turned into a free money Monday! Let me explain…

As you all know, I’m currently enrolled in a digital marketing certificate program at the University of Toronto. I’m halfway done and was supposed to start my third class online this Monday. Since I did my first class online in the fall, I knew the drill pretty well. The school would email me a link, username, and password to their online course site, and I would be good to go after that.

Monday rolled around and no email. Thinking that I had done something wrong like given the school the wrong email address, I contacted them to make sure I didn’t miss my first day of class. Well, I did miss it because the whole course was cancelled, and they never told me!

Seeing as I had already paid for the course in full and was never contacted about its cancellation, I definitely had a mini-freakout. I really want to finish this certificate by the end of this year and I was afraid this little snafu would derail my whole plan. Luckily, the woman I talked to at the school was super nice, helped enrol me into another course that starts at the end of this month, and to top it all off, she offered to give me a full refund! That means this upcoming course will be absolutely free, which saves me a whopping $700! Thanks U of T, you’re the best!!!

What will I do with this free money you ask? Honestly, I’m just going to use it to pay for my fourth and last course. But still, that’s a big chunk of change I just saved!

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