Why do Rich People Need so Many Bathrooms

Check it out! Isn’t this house amazing?! Some like to call it a castle and I have to agree with them and it just feels good to hear about castles.

Seriously who doesn’t like a castle? So welcome to the castle! It has taken me years and years, but I finally bought my dream home and it was 100% worth it!

Let’s Go for a Tour 

Woah, woah, woah take off your shoes! Sheesh, you think you can just walk into the castle with those shoes on? I mean, come on! Step it up and show a little class.

Check out the office, not a bad view for typing out a blog or two during the day. Bet you wish this was your view while you are “working.” You may notice that there is a telescope in the corner. It isn’t for looking at the stars, I mean the castle is so high up that it really is in the stars so the telescope is used to see how the other folks live at the bottom of the mountain. You never want to forget where you came from you know….truth.

This isn’t even the only desk in the office. This is just the view deck. There is another desk with a computer when I get tired of this view. On the other side of the room is a couch with a tiny curved 88″ screen that was just $19,999.00 which is a steal after originally going for $22k. How about a pat on the back for being a bargain hunter? There are 22 TV’s in this little crib, some have never even been turned on, just trying to conserve energy.

You don’t spend $10.4 million and let just anyone walk in and check out your place so savor this experience because it’s not happening again. You see this little bungalow is a smattering above 23,000 square feet and is on top of the mountain with an amazing view of the valley. 

It has an indoor basketball court, movie theater, pool table (maybe two or three of them I don’t really know), and probably some more stuff besides the 10-car garage…just kidding it’s actually 14. 10 cars and a few boats for the weekend and weekdays and holidays…pretty much every day.

Just check out the cozy little outdoor setting we enjoy at night. Not too shabby right? We have a nice little fan to make sure the smoke doesn’t come in our direction. Actually, it doesn’t get used too much because it just takes too long to walk through the house to make it all the way outside.

I’d show you more, but honestly, I’ve never been in every room in the house so I don’t know what it all looks like. It takes way too much time to make it all the way around. You can put your shoes back on now.

Here’s the Deal

So this isn’t my house nor will it ever be my house unless someone gives it to me. I’d probably sell it because I’d rather have the money and a few other places instead of just one giant one. I don’t even want to think about what the property taxes are each year.

I don’t buy houses on hillsides; seen too many slides down or have foundation issues…oh and the price is just a tad over my budget. If I spent $10.4 million on a house I would probably lose my wife and all my money, and I’m sure the realtor would lose their job as well for accepting just a 1% down payment and a handshake that I’m good for it. 

This house really is for sale for $10,400,000.00. If you want the link, just let me know. The monthly mortgage is just $38,000,00 according to the online posting.

Pray for the Owner

The amazing thing is this house has 6 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. When I read those numbers I had some serious concerns for the previous owner. I mean they really, really need to get that intestinal issue checked out. I mean if you have to build so many bathrooms you should make a call to the doctor to check out that condition. It sounds serious. Then you wouldn’t need so many bathrooms. (I can’t even find the toilet in this picture!)

How awful to have something so beautiful but have to spend so much time sitting on your throne. It sounds like an awful way to live life when every other room in your house has to have a commode. In the meantime please join me in saying a quick prayer that the prior owner will be okay and recover from their bowel frustrations. Get well soon my friend!

My True Dream Home

You see I don’t need to buy a dream home because I am already living in it and have been for nearly a decade. Home to me is far more than a fancy outside yard and museum interior, what matters is what happens with family. I’ve seen miserable people with and without wealth and it didn’t matter the size of the home or the amount of money in the bank. Your lifestyle will make you happy or miserable.

Actions and life experience make the home not the amount of drywall, 2 x 4’s, and granite. I never lose sleep at night because I can’t afford the payment. I spend my time having fun with my family not trying to support a stressful lifestyle of barely making it and being house poor for 30 years hoping that no major emergency or expense pops up.

And in a couple more years it will become my ultimate dream home when it is fully paid off. I can’t wait for that feeling of relief when it’s all done.

And in conclusion…did you pray yet for that previous castle owner? Irritable bowel syndrome is no joke!

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