Why Gyms Are Evil Money Stealers

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but I stand by my blog title. About a year ago I really wanted to get in shape, and I used to really enjoy using the gym at SFU when I was a student there.

Ok, I didn’t exactly go to the gym often and I mainly used the elliptical, but I have fond memories of that gym. So, when I finished school and moved out, I joined a gym close to my place. I did the tour of the gym, and it seemed fine, and for the price of only $30/month I thought it was a good idea to sign up for a year contract.

The first time I went there to get my work out on I quickly realized the gym was a piece of sh**. Most of the equipment was broken, the entire staff were completely useless, and it was just full of really juiced up smelly angry men. That was also the last time I worked out there.

After about 6 months of paying for a gym membership I wasn’t using I went down there to cancel it. Well, apparently there are a few things in the contract that they don’t tell you. FYI, remember to read the entire contract carefully before signing it and ask for a copy.

First off, you can cancel your membership at any time, but you’ll still have to pay the balance owed for the year. in my case it would have been $180. This amount can be waived however if you move 30km away from the gym. I thought this was perfect, I still have my parents address on my license, I can say I’m moving back home. Well, apparently, it’s 30km away from any gym location (this gym had several).

Then I thought, ok, I can sign up for a new credit card and put my grandparents’ address. I’ll say I’m moving up north for work and use the credit card statement as proof. But then I’d have go all the way there to get my bill, plus that might be considered credit card fraud.

In the end, I just continued paying my membership monthly, so I didn’t have to pay one big lump sum. When I came back to cancel my membership when my year term was up, not only could they not find my name in the system (they misspelled it, awesome staff!), but apparently you have to cancel your membership one month before your contract ends or they charge you for another month! Also, they automatically renew your membership without notifying you. Isn’t that just fantastic?

$360 later, I have vowed never to step foot in a gym again. Instead, I work out at home with my pal Tony Horton and the Beachbody crew.

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