Women, Entrepreneurship and Making Cash Money

Happy Women’s Money Week! I was so thrilled to have gotten an email a little while ago from the ladies at Women’s Money Week asking me to participate in this great cause.

I mean, come on! A whole week blogging about women and money? That’s what I do! Plus, I was just super excited that they somehow found my blog on the interwebs. Thanks for finding me!

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, Women’s Money Week “is about raising awareness for important money-related issues impacting women.” So, for 7 days personal finance bloggers are given a new topic to write about every day. I don’t post on weekends because that is my sacred time for sleeping in, overeating, drinking too much and so forth so I’ll only be blogging for 5 days.

Today’s topic is entrepreneurship and making money, so let’s start, shall we? As I’ve probably mentioned before, I work a 9 – 5 job and occasionally work on-call at a second job. Basically, I’m an employee through and through, but I have dabbled and continue to dabble in the scary world of entrepreneurship.

I say scary because I was raised thinking that the only way to make money was to work for a company and work your way up. More and more I’m realizing times are a-changin’ and there might be more job security in being your own boss instead of working for one (or several à la Office Space).

My first venture into being my own boss was in my last year of film school. Our final project for the year was to write and direct a short film, and I had some big plans for my movie. My goal was to get some type of distribution deal and fortunately Ouat Media offered me one. It wasn’t an amazing deal, they take huge cut for themselves, but after one year I got a cheque for $300.

Not too shabby considering most independent films make bupkis. Okay, maybe this isn’t the perfect example of entrepreneurship, but I am the owner/CEO of Awkward Whale Productions, I did produce a movie, and it did make some money. That’s something.

My second and latest venture into entrepreneurship is this blog. Well, it will be once I start making some money off these frickin’ ads, I’ve put on here. With this blog I am completely my own boss. I write all of the posts, I set my own work schedule, and I am in charge of all the online analytics and marketing.

My dream is to be able to make enough revenue off this blog that I could freelance or travel for an extended period of time without fearing not having a company job as a safety net. Well, I guess we’ll just have to see where this takes me. If money doesn’t ever come from this, maybe I’ll get another $300 from my film next year.

Have you dabbled in entrepreneurship?

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