You’re Losing Money Because You’re Not Focused

These past few months I’ve been binge-listening to podcasts like you wouldn’t believe. There are just so many amazing and inspirational shows out there (including my own), but there’s one in particular that I just started listening to and haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

You know all of those times I’ve mentioned my favourite workout regime TurboFire on the blog or on my Twitter account? Well, Chalene Johnson who is the instructor and creator of these workout videos has a podcast all about digital marketing and entrepreneurship!

It was as if two of my worlds collided into a beautiful happy place that I can escape to when I’m on the subway or typing away at work. She even has a hip-hop intro like me, so it was pretty much a done deal after I listened to the first 5 seconds of her show.

She talks a lot about how to start your own business and promote it, but she also answers listeners’ questions, and on one of her episodes she’s asked about how to find that oh so elusive work-life balance.

Like myself, Chalene was a self-proclaimed workaholic (okay fine, I’m still a workaholic), but as she became more successful, she started feeling less happy about everything. She had her hand in so many different projects, there was little time left over to actually enjoy life and spend time with her family. So how did she change things? Focus. Plain and simple.

The listener asked Chalene how it’s possible to grow a side business while also working full-time, and that’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while as well. While I was scheming to launch my podcast, I knew it was just the start of me growing my personal brand and reaching a larger audience.

However, the more research I did on how to grow my brand, the more I asked myself “How will I ever find the time to do all that plus work a full-time job during the day?” I feel like I barely have enough free time to maintain this blog, record and edit podcast episodes, and answer emails after work as it is.

So, when I started thinking about how focused I really am during a normal day, I realized that there are enough hours in the day — I’m just not using them effectively. I have some terrible, time-sucking habits. Not only time-sucking, but money-sucking too.

If I was more focused and cut out some of the time wasters in my life, there’s no doubt I’d be able to grow my brand and inevitably make more money. Hell, I’m sure I’d even be able to save more money too because I’d just be more efficient and on-the-ball.

What time wasters am I talking about? The first big one is checking my analytics. I check my stats on Google Analytics, Libsyn, WordPress and all of my social media platforms multiple times a day. Why? If I was to check my bank accounts and investments that often, I’d think I was crazy! But it’s just a terrible habit I’ve had for a while, and I know why I do it.

It’s not to help me strategize better or come up with new ideas on how to promote my blog and podcast. It’s for self-affirmation. When I check my stats and see numbers that I like, I feel awesome about myself. I feel like someone’s shouting “You’re doing good!” whenever I see that graph line go up. But that’s about it.

I’m not really doing anything with those numbers. And when I think about how much time I waste checking all of those stats, I’m embarrassed to say it but I’m probably killing at least 30 minutes of my day. I could fit in a workout, write a blog post or record a podcast episode in 30 minutes!

Another time waster is watching TV. I never really considered myself a big TV watcher, but I am. When I count all of the shows that I try to keep up with…well, it’s not good. And what’s more, when I’m really into a show, I’ll waste even more time Googling stuff about the show and reading articles about it.

I’m talking hours and hours per week wasted on watching crap then reading about it too. I’ve been meaning to create some sort of digital product to entice blog readers and podcast listeners to join my email list, but I’ve been putting it off using the excuse that I don’t have the time. Email lists are incredibly important vehicles in terms of building up your brand, and creating an incentive for people to subscribe is paramount.

Maybe if I cut out my TV watching, I’d actually be able to record an exclusive subscriber-only podcast episode or develop a how-to personal finance video like I’ve thought about.

With all this being said, as of today I’m going to be making some changes. Changes that will help me stop wasting my time and my money (or potential money). It’s time I switch up my priorities, buckle down, and get to work. It’s a scary thought, especially since I have a big fear of failure (which I’m going to write about for next Monday!).

But if I don’t at least try, I’ll never know what the full potential is for Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses. I just wish I could get up earlier in the morning. But if I can’t get up to even make breakfast and I’m 29, I think I’m just going to have to let that dream go.

What are some the time wasters in your life? Are they sucking up your time and money too?

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